Taking the weekend off

If you also follow my blog, The Runaway Girl, you will already know what I am going to say. I am taking the weekend off from posting any new content, as I am the parent of a special needs child who has mental and behavioral health conditions. Today is an extremely tough day, and I fear tomorrow will be the same. Each post requires a bit of research the previous night to find the content I want for the next day, I tend to be picky on what I post. I don’t usually have a lot of time either, the previous night, because I don’t sit down until late, so from here on out, to save time, and still be able to enjoy doing this, I will be scheduling each post to go out every morning, and have all the research done the night before. So until Monday, I bid you farewell, and I have a few great DIY projects for my readers to enjoy trying out.


Ciao Lovelies


DIY Superhero decor

Good morning my superhero fanatics, I have a good for you this morning. A DIY you are going to love, especially if you’re a kid and you still like running around in that superman cape. My son still semi loves superheroes, and I’ve always wanted to redo his room in that theme. Never being sure if he was still in that phase, from day-to-day, I never did, but I’m bringing it to you now, the full spectrum of things that can be done in your home.

First we start with the furniture, let’s make it pop shall we?

After searching for a tutorial on making a superhero dresser, all I could find on pinterest was people who had done it, but only posted pictures (utterly frustrating), so I finally found this one, from Dude Mom. She explains in-depth how to accomplish this task.


Photo credits // Dude Mom

Next we have superhero bookcases, you must have a place to display those comics and all related books.

At Teach Me Mommy, you can find one tutorial on how to accomplish this, and it comes out pretty great in fact.


Photo credits // Teach Me Mommy

There wasn’t a lot of tutorials on how to make your own bookshelf, just more pictures from people who had done it. come on people, post some instructions for the less artistically able! So we move on to superhero wall art.

If you check out All Things Thrifty, you will find a 3 part tutorial on how to create some pretty awesome DIY wall art. Check it out, it’s something special. There are three different links posted below for each one.

Superman Wall art

Superman Wall art 1.jpg

Photo credits // All Things Thrifty

Captain America wall art

Captain America 1

Photo credits // All Things Thrifty

Batman wall art

Batman Wall Art 1

Photo credits // All Things Thrifty

Here we have something special!

Here at A girl and a glue gun, you will find an awesome step by step on how to make a superhero lamp, who wouldn’t want that, adult or child?

PicMonkey Collage45.jpgPicMonkey Collage45

Photo credits // A girl and a glue gun

Time to get your cape on boys and girls, crime never sleeps, and Justice never waits, there are criminals to catch. So adorn your favorite superhero wear and go save the world!


Ciao Lovelies

Photo credits // HD wallpapers, featured image





DIY mother’s day gifts to wow your mom with this year.

With mother’s day coming up in May, I thought I’d do an early post for those people who want to do a DIY project for their moms, including kids. So, here’s a few ideas, as to how you could make a great gift for the woman who’s done it all for you through the years, just a sweet, thoughtful way to give back.

For the mom who loves candles, what better gift to give, than birch bark candle holders. So I bring you the tutorial on making these from Just a smidgen. A website that has a lot more than just DIY projects, but also photography, recipes, room makeovers, and more.


Photo credits // Just a smidgen

Next we have a project for the kids who want to give something special to mom. Every mom needs some her time, a spa day maybe. By giving her one of these homemade spa baskets, you’re giving her the relaxation she could use on a tough day. You can find the tutorial at Mom 4 real.


Photo credits // Mom 4 real

Here is a project to give those moms who like natural, and beauty. This is a honey ginger body scrub (two of my favorites), that’s easy to make and can be dressed with a nice jar, some ribbon and a pretty label. Found at Lia Griffith.


Photo credit //  Lia Griffith

To follow the theme of homemade beauty products, we also have Lavender bath salts, best displayed in a large apothecary jar like the picture, more for mom. But if you can’t find one of those, which can be found on Ebay, or etsy, then any jar will do.

LavenderBathSalt (1)

Photo credit // Lia Griffith

Another cute craft for the kids to do for mom, would be these Patchwork pots, from A bit of sunshine. These are quick and easy, and safe for the kids to help make.

Screen Shot 2013-04-23 at 10.26.10 AM.png

Photo credit // A bit of sunshine

I really like this one, because I like jewelry and this is a very cute piece, that would match with pretty much anything, and it’s inexpensive to make. This project also comes from a bit of sunshine, and the tutorial can be found at A knockoff necklace.


Photo credit // A bit of sunshine

Well, that’s a few ideas to get you started, but don’t forget, I live and swear by pinterest, so that is also an option to find the perfect DIY gift, and mom will love whatever it is you gift her this year. Have a very happy mother’s day mothers.


Ciao Lovelies

photo credits // main image, Metro UK

Multi sensory environment for your kids without breaking the bank.

With my son having a multitude of different conditions, being able to wind down, and take some quiet time for himself is key. Especially when he’s having an episode of anger, or is upset and needs to calm down, a room for himself where he can do this, is something he really needs. When I worked at a pediatric long-term care facility for kids mostly with muscular conditions and neurological conditions, they had a room there for kids who needed just that, a dark, quiet place of calm, but also sensory stimulation in its lightest form. It was their sensory room with everything from soft lighting, to large tubes with bubbles and more lights. There was even rubber mats for them to sit on, and swings for them to relax in.

These rooms were called multi-sensory enviroment (MSE). Being able to provide your child with an MSE in your home can be expensive, as I’ve learned in trying to create my own. But there are ways you can do this without breaking the budget.

When I googled DIY sensory rooms, there were so many links, but not a lot of information for the type of rooms you would see in a care facility. They use a lot of expensive equipment, so after searching for a bit, I found Houzz which gives you ideas for different types of sensory rooms. But what I’m seeing (if you have the room), is a lot of these rooms tend to use ball pits, or some form of swings. I don’t particularly have a lot of space in my son’s room, so like most of you, that would probably be a no go. But I can still make the lights work, some gadgets, perhaps figure out an area for a swing. For those of us that have limited space, there will be some things that just won’t work. But you will still be able create the perfect room for your child. Snoezelen rooms are very popular with care facilities and parents who have children that have sensory issues. Their website is a great place to start after you’ve checked out Houzz, because you may get some more ideas, as to what items you may need.

Ciao Lovelies

Photo credits // Snoezelen

DIY Playhouse Tent

This DIY is perfect for the little ones, or if you want to make an adult sized tent, feel free. My kids love the idea of their own little hideaway, so this is perfect for my kids, and the best part about it, is that you’re using pvc pipes, so you know it’s going to be sturdy. Since it’s so big, and would be a hassle to dismantle it when it starts raining out, pending you have it outside, think about putting a tarp over it, or even using some outdoor fabric as a second top layer, so it can easily be removed and washed.

I found this project at Sew 4 Home, a website that focuses on everything sewing. That’s going to be a new favorite of mine, I can tell. So I love the pattern of fabric they chose, and the idea to use the pvc pipes in the first place, It does give you so much more space than making a teepee. So what are you waiting for? Go get making people. Sayonara lovelies.

DIY Playhouse tent

Photo credits // Sew 4 Home

DIY slip and slide

Now this may be a project you could very well do on a steamy day now, because we have had some pretty warm days, at least in my area. So the next time it reaches the 70s, start creating! I found this DIY on The relaxed home school, a great site that focuses mainly on all things related to homeschooling, founded by Jennifer, a homeschooling mom herself.

I love this projects, because it’s inexpensive, and let’s face it, it brings back the nostalgia of the first slip and side we ever had as kids. The kids (and adults) get to have a blast, and stay cool at the same time. What would be even cooler, is if you could take the idea of the water blob I recently posted and cross that with the water slide. What’s better than an inflated water slide, filled with water to keep you extra cool? Hope this makes your heat wave fun-filled and exciting. Sayonara lovelies.

DIY Slip and slide

Photo credits // The relaxed homeschool

DIY Water Blobs

Good morning lovelies, and what another miserable day it is, this rain is such a damper on the day. But I’m about to brighten your day, because today is another great day of featured projects. Today’s theme is sunshine and ice cream cones, projects to start off your summer early. Just because we’re still a few months away, doesn’t mean you can’t start preparing. I’m a firm believer in enjoying what mother nature throws at you, and recently it’s been pretty warm in most places, so start those projects now and get a head start.  And what better way to start of the day, than with the top projects of all, one that will give your kids, and you a reason to lounge around.

Now this DIY you won’t be able to use until summer comes, unless it’s unseasonably warm one fine weekend, but save it, get excited for it, let it make you look forward to that sweltering day when you can lounge around and still be cool, no matter how hot that sun feels. Now this one comes from Hello Wonderful, a website run by a team of creative moms. This project is featured by momtributor Agnes Hsu, founder of Hello Wonderful. The great thing about this site, is that they cover a lot of topics, from style, to home, to even play. It’s definitely worth a look, in fact, I’ve saved it into my own bookmarks for later viewing. Stay cool, and enjoy a good lounge. Sayonara lovelies.

DIY Water Blobs


Photo credits // Hello wonderful