DIY Vintage bookmark

Good morning lovelies, my apologies for not posting yesterday, my scheduled post did not post at the specified time for some unknown reason. So I am posting it now.

I feel as if I’m one of only a few people left that still reads books, real solid books, not e-books. I like to be able to touch the pages, and feel the binding, especially old books. Even if the book is not something I would normally ready, I have a great appreciation for old books. So when I see crafts that use old books as planters, or they are cut on the inside for a storage box, it kills me, because these books have been around for sometimes decades. I’m the person looking at these things yelling “Stop that, you’re ruining it man”. Yes that’s me.

So I’m always looking for ways to add bookshelves to my home to hold more space, or anything that has to do with me being a bookworm. That’s why I chose to feature this DIY, because I love reading, and I love vintage, and this uses vintage brooches and jewelry to attach to your bookmark. I found the project at Sadie seasongoods, run by Sarah, who loves to craft, create and cook. The things that I particularly like about her blog, is that she does what she calls “Junkin journeys” where she travels around looking for vintage pieces to buy, and she also lists her etsy shop as well.

DIY Vintage bookmark

Photo credits // Sadie seasongoods