Soy candle DIY

As I promised, here’s my first post of the day featuring a DIY. This one comes from a great site called A Beautiful Mess, run by Elsie and Emma, two women who began seperate blogs and decided to combine them in 2010. The outcome, I have to say is fantastic, as A Beautiful Mess has a lot to offer in the way of crafts, DIY, and so much more. So be sure to give it a look see, as there’s something for everyone.

Now, I myself love soy candles, but just recently switched from your generic walmart, yankee candle wax versions. I found this great store when I was visiting waterville valley village. They have such great shops, and food there, and I happened upon this store that is pretty similar to the paper store, same trinkets, smelly candles and candy. As I was leaving, I noticed these cute little white candles with what looked like a homemade label, and it smelled wonderful. The woman at the register told me it was a soy candle and it burned clean, no smoke, and no smoky smells. That was a blessing to hear, because my kids hate that smell, but I really like to use candles, because they make the house smell great. So this was a win win for me. This is one DIY I plan on putting to good use in my home. Here is a link to the tutorial on how to make their soy candles.

Soy Candle Tutorial


Credits // Photography: Britta and Carli Garsow



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