Multi sensory environment for your kids without breaking the bank.

With my son having a multitude of different conditions, being able to wind down, and take some quiet time for himself is key. Especially when he’s having an episode of anger, or is upset and needs to calm down, a room for himself where he can do this, is something he really needs. When I worked at a pediatric long-term care facility for kids mostly with muscular conditions and neurological conditions, they had a room there for kids who needed just that, a dark, quiet place of calm, but also sensory stimulation in its lightest form. It was their sensory room with everything from soft lighting, to large tubes with bubbles and more lights. There was even rubber mats for them to sit on, and swings for them to relax in.

These rooms were called multi-sensory enviroment (MSE). Being able to provide your child with an MSE in your home can be expensive, as I’ve learned in trying to create my own. But there are ways you can do this without breaking the budget.

When I googled DIY sensory rooms, there were so many links, but not a lot of information for the type of rooms you would see in a care facility. They use a lot of expensive equipment, so after searching for a bit, I found Houzz which gives you ideas for different types of sensory rooms. But what I’m seeing (if you have the room), is a lot of these rooms tend to use ball pits, or some form of swings. I don’t particularly have a lot of space in my son’s room, so like most of you, that would probably be a no go. But I can still make the lights work, some gadgets, perhaps figure out an area for a swing. For those of us that have limited space, there will be some things that just won’t work. But you will still be able create the perfect room for your child. Snoezelen rooms are very popular with care facilities and parents who have children that have sensory issues. Their website is a great place to start after you’ve checked out Houzz, because you may get some more ideas, as to what items you may need.

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Photo credits // Snoezelen


Busy bee

I regret that I didn’t get to post my 5 featured DIY projects of the day today, but alas, it was a personal day for me, as I had much to do today. As I will be getting busier within the next few weeks, I will switching from doing a theme everyday with 5 posts, to a theme for the week with one post per day unless I have more time, except on weekends. I will still have some great projects for you guys to undertake, and websites for you add to your bookmarks.

But I have also begun a new blog as well, called The runaway girl, a blog I’m really excited about, and you should definitely take a look at. You can find the link at the top of my page. I’m a gypsy at heart, so this blog is dear to me, because it allows me to explore the world from the comforts of my home, and feed my dreams of traveling abroad until I can someday make them a reality. I feature some of the most beautiful little villages, tucked away shops that are hard to find, hidden gems of the world, and share info from other expats, and travelers about how to navigate the other side of the world.

I will be back with another great DIY post, this time, about how to add some design and style to your bedroom. Don’t fret, it’s not the end, there’s more to come, and hundreds, if not thousands of ideas to explore.


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DIY Vintage suitcase charging station

When it comes to vintage, my house is the epitome of it, you will rarely find modern here, but for my couch, and a few little pieces. This project is something I’m excited about, because I love the color, and the fact that this is a suitcase. But also, so my phone doesn’t have to just sit on the table anymore. Normally when we end our nights, our devices end up on the kitchen counter, or a nightstand maybe, so it’s good to be able to have a place to store it for the night while it charges. I held out because I was hoping I’d find one I liked, I’m nothing if not particular, when it comes to picking out items I like. I’m definitely stubborn like that, and hold out like some people hold a grudge, as long as it takes.

The creators of this beautiful charging station are Sarah and Stacy over at Sugar Scout. I love this site, it’s refreshing for a vintage lover like myself. They offer a lot on their website, including vintage rentals, and staging services. So look around a while, get familiar and bookmark. Vale lovelies.

DIY Vintage suitcase charging station

Photo credits // Sugar scout

DIY Dresser drawer bookshelves

I love books, more than my computer, I really do. I have always been a firm believer in being able to feel the book in my hands, touch the pages, smell that scent of old books. I can’t enjoy a book on a kindle, I just can’t, it’s against everything I believe in, I’m a bookworm. So I have books on display obviously, and I love bookshelves. So when I found this project to create bookshelves out of old drawers, I was ecstatic, I could clutter my house with more books, yay. The very cool part about this, is that you can arrange them however you want on your wall, and use different shapes and sizes. As you’ll notice in the picture, by putting the shelves a certain way, you can also use them as shelves to store your decor on top of the drawer.

This one comes from Apartment Therapy, founded by Maxwell Ryan, known as “the apartment therapist”. I have frequently taken tips from this website, in decorating my own home, hence where I got my idea for a blue couch. This site really is one to keep in your bookmarks, it’s a great source of information for all your home needs, and inspiration. Vale Lovelies.

DIY Dresser drawer bookcase

Photo credit // Brittany Purlee

DIY Kitchen island and pantry

I have a pretty large kitchen, and I’ve always been a firm believer in utilizing every square inch of space in my home (call me a pack rat if you will). So the middle of my kitchen being so open, bugs me with every glance in its direction. So to find a project like this, where you can create your own kitchen island instead of paying a fortune to buy one already premade, is perfect for me. I love how it also has the look of a market with  the open crates filled with food.

I found this project on My love 2 create, founded by Mindi, a woman of many talents. This is great for someone who needs storage as well, whether you live in a small apartment, have a small kitchen, it gives you the option to store most of your kitchen needs right here, with your potatoes, bananas, etc. I always need a place for my fruit, because normally, it sits in a bowl on my hutch and just takes up space, so having a special draw for this is great. After you read the tutorial, and create your masterpiece, make sure you check out the other pages on Mindi’s website, she has a ton of other content that is worth a look. Vale Lovelies.

DIY Kitchen island and pantry

Photo credits // My love 2 create

DIY Shelving for cans

I know most of you either already know this one, or have at least seen it, but I had to include it, because it’s my favorite one, as simple as it is. This is exactly what I need, and although I tell myself I’m going to get to this project, and organize my pantry, I unfortunately never do, but procrastination aside, I have to get this one done. Not only does it really save on pantry shelf space, but it keeps you from having to move around cans every time you want that can of vegetables that somehow got shoved behind the others. I try to separate them the best I can, but I still have cans stocked one on top of the other, and am always digging around for things. It’s a really good idea too, because it makes it easier to see the can, and you can separate them by category as well.

This DIY is featured from Decorated Life, founded by Christine McVeigh, who also features projects scoured from the web. She brings you design, DIY, and style for your home. So check this site out, as it has a lot to offer, you can even join their newsletter, and keep up to date. Don’t wait to do this, if you really need it, your pantry will thank you. Vale lovelies.

DIY Upside down can shelving

Photo credits // Various sources/Pinterest

DIY Pullout baking sheet drawer

Our first project of the morning, comes from Two feet first, founded by Megan and Eric, a couple who are do-it-yourselfers trying to remodel their home, while sharing their tips and tricks with you. I like they that they include resources, as well as giving you a list of the tools they use themselves, It’s very thorough and informative.

Now, my problem is that my baking sheets are just stacked one on top of the other in my antique hutch, so getting the one I need is usually a process, and I’d rather have them organized like this project intends for them. It’s great because the drawer is on a slide, and it has several dividers to separate them, and keep them organized. They have other projects as well and they’re definitely worth a look. Hope this helps your clutter, vale lovelies.

DIY Pullout baking sheet drawer

Photo credits // Two feet first