DIY mother’s day gifts to wow your mom with this year.

With mother’s day coming up in May, I thought I’d do an early post for those people who want to do a DIY project for their moms, including kids. So, here’s a few ideas, as to how you could make a great gift for the woman who’s done it all for you through the years, just a sweet, thoughtful way to give back.

For the mom who loves candles, what better gift to give, than birch bark candle holders. So I bring you the tutorial on making these from Just a smidgen. A website that has a lot more than just DIY projects, but also photography, recipes, room makeovers, and more.


Photo credits // Just a smidgen

Next we have a project for the kids who want to give something special to mom. Every mom needs some her time, a spa day maybe. By giving her one of these homemade spa baskets, you’re giving her the relaxation she could use on a tough day. You can find the tutorial at Mom 4 real.


Photo credits // Mom 4 real

Here is a project to give those moms who like natural, and beauty. This is a honey ginger body scrub (two of my favorites), that’s easy to make and can be dressed with a nice jar, some ribbon and a pretty label. Found at Lia Griffith.


Photo credit //  Lia Griffith

To follow the theme of homemade beauty products, we also have Lavender bath salts, best displayed in a large apothecary jar like the picture, more for mom. But if you can’t find one of those, which can be found on Ebay, or etsy, then any jar will do.

LavenderBathSalt (1)

Photo credit // Lia Griffith

Another cute craft for the kids to do for mom, would be these Patchwork pots, from A bit of sunshine. These are quick and easy, and safe for the kids to help make.

Screen Shot 2013-04-23 at 10.26.10 AM.png

Photo credit // A bit of sunshine

I really like this one, because I like jewelry and this is a very cute piece, that would match with pretty much anything, and it’s inexpensive to make. This project also comes from a bit of sunshine, and the tutorial can be found at A knockoff necklace.


Photo credit // A bit of sunshine

Well, that’s a few ideas to get you started, but don’t forget, I live and swear by pinterest, so that is also an option to find the perfect DIY gift, and mom will love whatever it is you gift her this year. Have a very happy mother’s day mothers.


Ciao Lovelies

photo credits // main image, Metro UK


Name change for my blog

I’ve only just done my name change for the blog and I’ve already had some questions as to why I decided to choose that name. To be honest my lovelies, It is not only quite a beautiful word, but it is fitting for us do-it-yourselfers, artists, upcyclers, and crafters. The exact term, as probably many of you know, is to do something with soul, creativity, or love; when you leave a piece of yourself in your work. We all do this on a daily basis with each creation that we make, we put our time, our love, and our souls into it. They are a part of us, not just some craft, or project, but we work hard to create such beauty. Some people may think, “well, it’s not art per say.” but it sort of is, just in a different way. We’re all artists at heart when we create, so that is why I changed the name to Meraki. Stay tuned tomorrow for more stellar projects to come, and thank you for all your support thus far, it’s already been a great, new few days. Ciao my lovelies.

DIY Hand Scrub

Your hands are dry, maybe even cracking from being in the water constantly when you do dishes, or just from hard work. You could use that scrub from bath and body, or make your own in abundance so you won’t have to buy any for quite some time. I know I like to stock up, so why not? This DIY comes from A Blossoming Life, yet again, my now definite favorite for natural beauty recipes.

I like Amy’s choice of ingredients for the essential oils. I’ve never been a fan of lavender too much, but I do like to use a lavender scented cleaner for my kitchen. So Amy, if you ever happen to view my blog, please do a DIY on a lavender cleaner, I’d love to feature it here. But I do like the idea of peppermint, okay mainly because it reminds me of christmas, and I am the epitome of a christmas fanatic. I don’t get crazy decorating outside so the lights blind my neighbors, but I like to create DIY projects for around my house. I do love wrapping too, something I used to do frequently for my grandparents so they wouldn’t have to. But you can use any scent you want, whatever tickles your fancy. That makes 5, so until tomorrow’s theme, which I’m yet to decide on, have fun with the projects I’ve given you today and I really do hope you give them a try. Don’t forget, let me know how you like them, send a message, or a comment. So let’s go make that hand scrub shall we? Ciao Lovelies.

DIY Hand Scrub

Photo credits // A Blossoming Life


DIY Natural Hair Spray

Who here has frizzy, untamable hair? Raise your hands ladies, I won’t judge, I’m the girl who looks like I put my finger in an electrical outlet. No really, if it’s hot, Poof, and if I let it air dry without products, poof. So having a hairspray that can just help me tame the flyaways and keep the frizz to a minimum is key, mixed with a good mousse. I do have a few salon grade hairsprays, but I don’t like how they make my hair feel crisp, or almost oily depending on what brand you use, so this one is a lifesaver. It’s featured from A Blossoming Life, and it only has a few simple ingredients.

The most inviting part of this recipe, is that it uses essential oils and hey, if you wanted to make it smell like a certain fragrance, put a drop of your favorite scented oil in. Some of you who are reading this will know exactly what scent I would pick…Pumpkin. I know, it doesn’t sound appealing, but I love the fragrance of a great pumpkin candle or spray, so why not hairspray? Although, knowing my daughter, and her goofy sense of personality,  she may constantly sniff my hair every time we cuddle. So, in ending, I hope you enjoy this project as much as I will. Ciao Lovelies.

DIY Natural hair spray

Photo credits // A Blossoming Life

DIY Face and body lotion

How exciting today is! Another DIY beauty product right from the comforts of home. As I said, I am bearing gifts of homemade lotion for you to make. This can either be used for face, or body, or both. Coming to you from A Blossoming Life, this is one you’re going to love. Not only does it save you money, all that money you spend on lotion, because we all know, we use a lot of lotion. Us ladies cover ourselves from head to toe everyday and it tends to get expensive, at least for me (I like pricey lotions). So for me to invest in one I can make at home, is fantastic, and frugal, I love it!

The lotion recipe includes a few ingredients as the night eye cream, and I really like that fact that it’s thick, almost whipped. It just seems to me using a lotion that is too liquidy is defying the point, because I don’t feel as if my skin really absorbs it, more of I’m just rubbing my skin until it dries, so this is a welcome transition for me. My skin always gets dry in the winter too, but who’s doesn’t? So now that summer is almost here, I’m going to need to step up my game and get my skin looking radiant so I don’t look like a dried out piece of turkey with my flaky skin and ultra white complexion. Ready for your skin to feel like heaven? Then get to it ladies, waste no time. Ciao Lovelies.

DIY Face and body lotion

Photo credits // A blossoming life

DIY Night cream

The projects for today’s theme are mainly coming from A Blossoming Life, as this site has amazing recipes for natural DIY beauty products. I love how these two women focus on the natural aspect of it, and that is why I have chosen their site to feature all these projects. I’m all about natural, I’m the mommy who makes sure her kids eat healthy, don’t indulge in sugar, or any sweets really for that matter, and I try to set an example by eating healthy foods, and using products that are healthy. So where else would I get my featured material, but someplace that appreciates that.

I don’t personally have bags under my eyes, but upon looking at my face, you can tell I do have dark circles, and that can be attributed to my sometimes stress and lack of sleep. I very much dislike looking in the mirror in the morning and have that face staring back at me, and I have tried more products than I’d like to admit. So when I found this DIY, I thought, what harm could it do to try another product? I do like the night treatments too, because your skin has all night to absorb that and utilize the purpose of it, and your skin will thank you for it. It does use multiple ingredients, some which you may not have at home, but are still cost effective. There is also a link which amy provides for the Journal of Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry, that provides more information on aloe vera, which is used in this recipe. So what are you waiting for, get to it ladies, you’ll want to use this tonight, if you’re like me and your battling those dark circles, or even baggy eyelids. Ciao Lovelies.

DIY Natural night cream

Photo credits // A blossoming life

DIY Natural coffee scrub

Let’s the start the ball rolling, shall we? Today is thursday, DIY natural beauty hacks. I start the day, well, almost finishing the day, with A Blossoming Life’s Natural coffee scrub made right in your own home. Honestly women, why spend all your hard earned money on these outrageously priced beauty items in store, when you can make half of them right from your own cabinets? So I’m bringing to you, the best of the best, everywhere from masks, to scrubs, to lotions (yes, lotions), and anything else you have been wasting your money on. This project comes from A blossoming life, started by Amy and Libby. This site really does have it all, everything from DIY projects, to a section on how to start a blog, gardening, and recipes. I like the fact that it focuses on frugality, because that’s something  that’s important and I am trying to teach my kids (I’m failing miserably).

I’ll tell you a secret, I love love love coffee, but I think you’ll begin to figure that out as I drown you in posts of anything related to coffee projects (if they exist). So this tutorial appealed to me, like a cat tearing through the house when it hears that soft food can open, tripping on everything just to get there. Yep, that’s how excited I was to find this project. Not only is it natural with no added million ingredients that I can’t even pronounce (well I have to give myself more credit, I am educated after all), but it gives our skin exactly what us women are always looking for, a great moisturizer for our faces. I mean, I know my skin on my face is great, it’s always soft, except that one dreaded spot, the T-zone. It’s always flaky and dry for some reason, even when I constantly put lotion on my face, and yes, spring for the most expensive stuff I can find,  usually imported from Japan because, let’s face it, Japanese people have it right. They know how to stay young for longer than us, they have these beauty secrets that keep their skin glowing and taught, and they’re getting it right, so I import my stuff from them. So I hope that you guys enjoy this project as much as I know I’m going to, hey, I get to drink more coffee, go me! Enjoy ladies, ciao lovelies.

Homemade natural coffee scrub

Photo credits // A blossoming life