Taking the weekend off

If you also follow my blog, The Runaway Girl, you will already know what I am going to say. I am taking the weekend off from posting any new content, as I am the parent of a special needs child who has mental and behavioral health conditions. Today is an extremely tough day, and I fear tomorrow will be the same. Each post requires a bit of research the previous night to find the content I want for the next day, I tend to be picky on what I post. I don’t usually have a lot of time either, the previous night, because I don’t sit down until late, so from here on out, to save time, and still be able to enjoy doing this, I will be scheduling each post to go out every morning, and have all the research done the night before. So until Monday, I bid you farewell, and I have a few great DIY projects for my readers to enjoy trying out.


Ciao Lovelies


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