DIY Superhero decor

Good morning my superhero fanatics, I have a good for you this morning. A DIY you are going to love, especially if you’re a kid and you still like running around in that superman cape. My son still semi loves superheroes, and I’ve always wanted to redo his room in that theme. Never being sure if he was still in that phase, from day-to-day, I never did, but I’m bringing it to you now, the full spectrum of things that can be done in your home.

First we start with the furniture, let’s make it pop shall we?

After searching for a tutorial on making a superhero dresser, all I could find on pinterest was people who had done it, but only posted pictures (utterly frustrating), so I finally found this one, from Dude Mom. She explains in-depth how to accomplish this task.


Photo credits // Dude Mom

Next we have superhero bookcases, you must have a place to display those comics and all related books.

At Teach Me Mommy, you can find one tutorial on how to accomplish this, and it comes out pretty great in fact.


Photo credits // Teach Me Mommy

There wasn’t a lot of tutorials on how to make your own bookshelf, just more pictures from people who had done it. come on people, post some instructions for the less artistically able! So we move on to superhero wall art.

If you check out All Things Thrifty, you will find a 3 part tutorial on how to create some pretty awesome DIY wall art. Check it out, it’s something special. There are three different links posted below for each one.

Superman Wall art

Superman Wall art 1.jpg

Photo credits // All Things Thrifty

Captain America wall art

Captain America 1

Photo credits // All Things Thrifty

Batman wall art

Batman Wall Art 1

Photo credits // All Things Thrifty

Here we have something special!

Here at A girl and a glue gun, you will find an awesome step by step on how to make a superhero lamp, who wouldn’t want that, adult or child?

PicMonkey Collage45.jpgPicMonkey Collage45

Photo credits // A girl and a glue gun

Time to get your cape on boys and girls, crime never sleeps, and Justice never waits, there are criminals to catch. So adorn your favorite superhero wear and go save the world!


Ciao Lovelies

Photo credits // HD wallpapers, featured image






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