DIY Game of Thrones

We are almost at the point of next week’s theme of the week, almost, a few more days. So until then, it’s one lovely random post a day, I have a thing about starting a theme in the middle of the week.

This week my lovelies, I am happy, oh so happy, to bring my love of being a geek, to my blog. I am dedicating today to all geeks, and bookworms, and of course, lovers of game of thrones. Yes I said, it, the wonderful world of the best television show I know (well, besides vikings). Those of you who can appreciate my obsession with this show, keep reading then, because I have not one, but several DIY projects for you to showcase how much of a fan you really are!

First we have my ultimate favorite, Daenerys Targaryen’s dragon eggs. I just had to have these in my home, and after following a few bunk links on how to make them, I found Avanti Morocha, who gives a step by step on how to make these using paper mache.


Photo credits // Avanti Morocha

But if you want to make sure that these eggs will last, especially if you have kiddos in the house, go to Buzzfeed, and check out Caroline Emiller, and Chelsea Evers post showing you exactly how to do this. But they use them as candle holders, so they make a hole in the eggs. But if you want to keep them whole, don’t do that, just move on to painting them. But back to Avanti’s post, give it a look if you prefer to use paper mache.


Photo credits // Buzzfeed

Let’s move on the next best DIY of this week, or for us fans, of this century!

This one is for the ladies who love their shoes, but relish their passion for game of thrones even more. Now I don’t typicall like shoes this high, so I may go a bit smaller, but the video found Here, shows you how to make your own shoes for game of thrones. Using cocktail swords, some hi-tack glue, and a pair of your favorite platform shoes. But be gentle, as Nixxie Rose says, they break quite easy.


Photo credits // Nixxie Rose

You want to sit like a king you say? Well that can be achieved by creating your own Iron throne. It’s the best one I’ve found out there with extensive steps to create this. It seems fairly easy, but may require a bit of time. Then again, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and this is the only way to watch the next episode of GOT.


Photo credits // Instructables

If you’ve watched the show, you’ve probably read the books, so this is a must have item. GOT bookends to hold your precious books. Rob explains how to do it in his video at Mad stuff with rob.


Photo credits // Mad stuff with rob

That’s all for now my lovelies, but tomorrow I’ll post another DIY for us geeks.

Ciao Lovelies

Photo credits // Shinforce, featured image






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