DIY mother’s day gifts to wow your mom with this year.

With mother’s day coming up in May, I thought I’d do an early post for those people who want to do a DIY project for their moms, including kids. So, here’s a few ideas, as to how you could make a great gift for the woman who’s done it all for you through the years, just a sweet, thoughtful way to give back.

For the mom who loves candles, what better gift to give, than birch bark candle holders. So I bring you the tutorial on making these from Just a smidgen. A website that has a lot more than just DIY projects, but also photography, recipes, room makeovers, and more.


Photo credits // Just a smidgen

Next we have a project for the kids who want to give something special to mom. Every mom needs some her time, a spa day maybe. By giving her one of these homemade spa baskets, you’re giving her the relaxation she could use on a tough day. You can find the tutorial at Mom 4 real.


Photo credits // Mom 4 real

Here is a project to give those moms who like natural, and beauty. This is a honey ginger body scrub (two of my favorites), that’s easy to make and can be dressed with a nice jar, some ribbon and a pretty label. Found at Lia Griffith.


Photo credit //  Lia Griffith

To follow the theme of homemade beauty products, we also have Lavender bath salts, best displayed in a large apothecary jar like the picture, more for mom. But if you can’t find one of those, which can be found on Ebay, or etsy, then any jar will do.

LavenderBathSalt (1)

Photo credit // Lia Griffith

Another cute craft for the kids to do for mom, would be these Patchwork pots, from A bit of sunshine. These are quick and easy, and safe for the kids to help make.

Screen Shot 2013-04-23 at 10.26.10 AM.png

Photo credit // A bit of sunshine

I really like this one, because I like jewelry and this is a very cute piece, that would match with pretty much anything, and it’s inexpensive to make. This project also comes from a bit of sunshine, and the tutorial can be found at A knockoff necklace.


Photo credit // A bit of sunshine

Well, that’s a few ideas to get you started, but don’t forget, I live and swear by pinterest, so that is also an option to find the perfect DIY gift, and mom will love whatever it is you gift her this year. Have a very happy mother’s day mothers.


Ciao Lovelies

photo credits // main image, Metro UK


4 thoughts on “DIY mother’s day gifts to wow your mom with this year.

    1. Thank you Lisa, I would too, anything honestly from my children I would love. But I thought these would be great projects for the kids to do with their dads, or grandparents, or any family member to give to mom. Even an adult who’d want to give those gifts, mom would be blessed I’m sure to get them. But the scrub is my favorite by far.


    1. Thank you, that’s what I thought, because I really do love a nice scented, body scrub, or even facial product you can make at home.


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