Multi sensory environment for your kids without breaking the bank.

With my son having a multitude of different conditions, being able to wind down, and take some quiet time for himself is key. Especially when he’s having an episode of anger, or is upset and needs to calm down, a room for himself where he can do this, is something he really needs. When I worked at a pediatric long-term care facility for kids mostly with muscular conditions and neurological conditions, they had a room there for kids who needed just that, a dark, quiet place of calm, but also sensory stimulation in its lightest form. It was their sensory room with everything from soft lighting, to large tubes with bubbles and more lights. There was even rubber mats for them to sit on, and swings for them to relax in.

These rooms were called multi-sensory enviroment (MSE). Being able to provide your child with an MSE in your home can be expensive, as I’ve learned in trying to create my own. But there are ways you can do this without breaking the budget.

When I googled DIY sensory rooms, there were so many links, but not a lot of information for the type of rooms you would see in a care facility. They use a lot of expensive equipment, so after searching for a bit, I found Houzz which gives you ideas for different types of sensory rooms. But what I’m seeing (if you have the room), is a lot of these rooms tend to use ball pits, or some form of swings. I don’t particularly have a lot of space in my son’s room, so like most of you, that would probably be a no go. But I can still make the lights work, some gadgets, perhaps figure out an area for a swing. For those of us that have limited space, there will be some things that just won’t work. But you will still be able create the perfect room for your child. Snoezelen rooms are very popular with care facilities and parents who have children that have sensory issues. Their website is a great place to start after you’ve checked out Houzz, because you may get some more ideas, as to what items you may need.

Ciao Lovelies

Photo credits // Snoezelen


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