DIY Vintage suitcase charging station

When it comes to vintage, my house is the epitome of it, you will rarely find modern here, but for my couch, and a few little pieces. This project is something I’m excited about, because I love the color, and the fact that this is a suitcase. But also, so my phone doesn’t have to just sit on the table anymore. Normally when we end our nights, our devices end up on the kitchen counter, or a nightstand maybe, so it’s good to be able to have a place to store it for the night while it charges. I held out because I was hoping I’d find one I liked, I’m nothing if not particular, when it comes to picking out items I like. I’m definitely stubborn like that, and hold out like some people hold a grudge, as long as it takes.

The creators of this beautiful charging station are Sarah and Stacy over at Sugar Scout. I love this site, it’s refreshing for a vintage lover like myself. They offer a lot on their website, including vintage rentals, and staging services. So look around a while, get familiar and bookmark. Vale lovelies.

DIY Vintage suitcase charging station

Photo credits // Sugar scout


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