DIY Shelving for cans

I know most of you either already know this one, or have at least seen it, but I had to include it, because it’s my favorite one, as simple as it is. This is exactly what I need, and although I tell myself I’m going to get to this project, and organize my pantry, I unfortunately never do, but procrastination aside, I have to get this one done. Not only does it really save on pantry shelf space, but it keeps you from having to move around cans every time you want that can of vegetables that somehow got shoved behind the others. I try to separate them the best I can, but I still have cans stocked one on top of the other, and am always digging around for things. It’s a really good idea too, because it makes it easier to see the can, and you can separate them by category as well.

This DIY is featured from Decorated Life, founded by Christine McVeigh, who also features projects scoured from the web. She brings you design, DIY, and style for your home. So check this site out, as it has a lot to offer, you can even join their newsletter, and keep up to date. Don’t wait to do this, if you really need it, your pantry will thank you. Vale lovelies.

DIY Upside down can shelving

Photo credits // Various sources/Pinterest


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