DIY Pullout baking sheet drawer

Our first project of the morning, comes from Two feet first, founded by Megan and Eric, a couple who are do-it-yourselfers trying to remodel their home, while sharing their tips and tricks with you. I like they that they include resources, as well as giving you a list of the tools they use themselves, It’s very thorough and informative.

Now, my problem is that my baking sheets are just stacked one on top of the other in my antique hutch, so getting the one I need is usually a process, and I’d rather have them organized like this project intends for them. It’s great because the drawer is on a slide, and it has several dividers to separate them, and keep them organized. They have other projects as well and they’re definitely worth a look. Hope this helps your clutter, vale lovelies.

DIY Pullout baking sheet drawer

Photo credits // Two feet first


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