DIY Kitchen island and pantry

I have a pretty large kitchen, and I’ve always been a firm believer in utilizing every square inch of space in my home (call me a pack rat if you will). So the middle of my kitchen being so open, bugs me with every glance in its direction. So to find a project like this, where you can create your own kitchen island instead of paying a fortune to buy one already premade, is perfect for me. I love how it also has the look of a market with  the open crates filled with food.

I found this project on My love 2 create, founded by Mindi, a woman of many talents. This is great for someone who needs storage as well, whether you live in a small apartment, have a small kitchen, it gives you the option to store most of your kitchen needs right here, with your potatoes, bananas, etc. I always need a place for my fruit, because normally, it sits in a bowl on my hutch and just takes up space, so having a special draw for this is great. After you read the tutorial, and create your masterpiece, make sure you check out the other pages on Mindi’s website, she has a ton of other content that is worth a look. Vale Lovelies.

DIY Kitchen island and pantry

Photo credits // My love 2 create


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