DIY Dresser drawer bookshelves

I love books, more than my computer, I really do. I have always been a firm believer in being able to feel the book in my hands, touch the pages, smell that scent of old books. I can’t enjoy a book on a kindle, I just can’t, it’s against everything I believe in, I’m a bookworm. So I have books on display obviously, and I love bookshelves. So when I found this project to create bookshelves out of old drawers, I was ecstatic, I could clutter my house with more books, yay. The very cool part about this, is that you can arrange them however you want on your wall, and use different shapes and sizes. As you’ll notice in the picture, by putting the shelves a certain way, you can also use them as shelves to store your decor on top of the drawer.

This one comes from Apartment Therapy, founded by Maxwell Ryan, known as “the apartment therapist”. I have frequently taken tips from this website, in decorating my own home, hence where I got my idea for a blue couch. This site really is one to keep in your bookmarks, it’s a great source of information for all your home needs, and inspiration. Vale Lovelies.

DIY Dresser drawer bookcase

Photo credit // Brittany Purlee


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