DIY Water Blobs

Good morning lovelies, and what another miserable day it is, this rain is such a damper on the day. But I’m about to brighten your day, because today is another great day of featured projects. Today’s theme is sunshine and ice cream cones, projects to start off your summer early. Just because we’re still a few months away, doesn’t mean you can’t start preparing. I’m a firm believer in enjoying what mother nature throws at you, and recently it’s been pretty warm in most places, so start those projects now and get a head start.  And what better way to start of the day, than with the top projects of all, one that will give your kids, and you a reason to lounge around.

Now this DIY you won’t be able to use until summer comes, unless it’s unseasonably warm one fine weekend, but save it, get excited for it, let it make you look forward to that sweltering day when you can lounge around and still be cool, no matter how hot that sun feels. Now this one comes from Hello Wonderful, a website run by a team of creative moms. This project is featured by momtributor Agnes Hsu, founder of Hello Wonderful. The great thing about this site, is that they cover a lot of topics, from style, to home, to even play. It’s definitely worth a look, in fact, I’ve saved it into my own bookmarks for later viewing. Stay cool, and enjoy a good lounge. Sayonara lovelies.

DIY Water Blobs


Photo credits // Hello wonderful


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