DIY slip and slide

Now this may be a project you could very well do on a steamy day now, because we have had some pretty warm days, at least in my area. So the next time it reaches the 70s, start creating! I found this DIY on The relaxed home school, a great site that focuses mainly on all things related to homeschooling, founded by Jennifer, a homeschooling mom herself.

I love this projects, because it’s inexpensive, and let’s face it, it brings back the nostalgia of the first slip and side we ever had as kids. The kids (and adults) get to have a blast, and stay cool at the same time. What would be even cooler, is if you could take the idea of the water blob I recently posted and cross that with the water slide. What’s better than an inflated water slide, filled with water to keep you extra cool? Hope this makes your heat wave fun-filled and exciting. Sayonara lovelies.

DIY Slip and slide

Photo credits // The relaxed homeschool


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