Friday’s theme of the day

So today, as I have posted in my previous post, today’s theme is A splash of color. So I will be posting 5 featured DIY pieces that focus on colors. If there are any ideas floating around in your mind on what would make content for today’s theme of the day, please don’t hesitate to shout it out. As you have already read, I began the morning with our first project, the pink DIY table with fabric. That’s so far my favorite (but I’m biased to pink). So as I sit here and sip my ever so heavenly coffee, I’m pursuing the net for my next big feature, and thinking about getting more organized with my content, hence having it all picked out the previous night. But I was doing my grandfather a favor, and rolling all of his change, so I didn’t have to pre plan. from hence forth, I will be posting in the morning all of my content at once, because I will have everything organized the night before, so no more waiting for the next themed project. Alas, I must be going, on to the next project. Arrivederci lovelies.


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