DIY Vintage Suitcase Stool

Your probably beginning to notice a pattern with my infatuation with old suitcases. I’ll admit it, There’s a sense of nostalgia when it comes to suitcases, for me, especially old ones. I like the design, the weathered look, and I would prefer the old over the new. So it’s no surprise that I would choose this project.

I found this DIYer on Good Housekeeping, a favorite magazine and website of mine. I still subscribe to their magazine even though they’ve gone digital, call me sentimental, but I like to feel a real book between my hands.

This is probably one of the simpler projects I’ve featured yet. There’s so many possibilities as well, because there’s  hundreds of different vintage suitcases out there. So explore the possibilities, get searching and find those perfect suitcases. Arrivederci lovelies.

DIY vintage suitcase stool

photo credits // Andrew McCaul





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