DIY Pink Parisian Table

Good morning my lovelies, and what a miserably wet morning it is here. It really does make me feel a bit haggard, even though I slept the whole night through (not comfortably though).  But alas, it’s day two of my DIY theme, and today I have decided that today’s theme will be A splash of color. So what I’ll be doing today, is featuring pieces for your home that are colorful, and decorative.

I do love the color pink, so this morning I’m going to start a project I found on Artsy Chicks Rule, run by Amy, a woman of many talents it seems. Her website is great, it’s more than just a do-it-yourselfer site, it also great for recipes on her recipe blog, as well as offering printables and documenting her home decor makeovers.

I like to upcycle old furniture mostly, but I’m cautious of transforming pieces that have great antique value, because these pieces are timeless, and I feel that each piece has a story. Which is why I think I love antiques so much. But in saying that, there are pieces of furniture that can be transformed beautifully, and this project is just an example of one of them. The pink is not too bright, and the fabric that Amy uses is very lovely, and I like anything that boasts foreign countries, or culture, so this Parisian print is perfect.

Keep in mind though, that you don’t have to commit yourself to pink, choose a color that’s right for you, that accents the room this table will be displayed in. If you’re not fond of a Parisian print, pick another, either way, it’s your creation and it will turn out beautifully. For now I bid you farewell, and enjoy. Arrivederci lovelies.

Pink parisian table DIY

Photo credits // Artsy chicks rule


2 thoughts on “DIY Pink Parisian Table

    1. I agree Lisa, I love the drawer pulls, but the parisian cloth just gets me. I want to travel the world someday, I’m a gypsy like that, so I am very passionate about foreign places and culture. So this was a welcome feature project for me.


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