DIY Outdoor Pillows

Our next featured project, I am super excited about this one, because I love bright colors and decorative pillows even more. These ones are for outdoors, but you can take the same idea and create inside pillows as well if it suits you, perhaps for your couch, or even arm-chair. This project comes from A Beautiful Mess, and I have to say, they picked some wonderful patterns, and colors (I especially like the orange). For me, I would probably stick with the green and white, and maybe a coral, because I have a beautiful dark blue microfiber chaise couch in my living room, so coral goes very well with that, and of course green. Now some people may say “those don’t really go together though.” but I like to have a variety of colors for a large piece like that, so I do have a lot going on in certain areas of my home. But that’s just me, I like the more bohemian, gypsy, vintage look.

So again, don’t feel obligated to stick with the exact pattern/colors they use, even though they are wonderful, just do you. Pick whatever matches, whatever pops for you, and I’d love to see the outcome, so send messages, or comments. Arrivederci lovelies.

DIY Outdoor pillows

Photo credits // Laura Gummerman and Sarah Rhodes


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