Theme of the day

I’ve been thinking about how I could organize my blog better, as lately I have been trying to organize life and home much more. So why not the blog as well, and how could I do that and still make it fun? Well, I’ve decided that each day I am going to designate said day to a certain theme and if any of my readers do have any ideas as to a theme they would like to see, don’t hesitate lovelies, send me a message.  It just seems much more neat, and yes, organized, instead of posting random DIY’s and crafts each day. So today, I decided to designate the theme to be DIY natural beauty hacks. Now since I am designating each day a certain theme, I will be posting more than one piece of content, 5 to be exact. Five new posts every day focused on a different theme, They will vary from home, to kids, beauty, and yes, organization (my favorite).

As I mentioned when I first created this blog, I peruse every corner of the web to find great websites, that have innovative creations, and spotlight the master minds behind them. So far we have some pretty stellar people featured here, and there is more to come, so tune in as I bring you more of what you want, the best DIY/craft projects that exist out there. Ciao lovelies.


2 thoughts on “Theme of the day

    1. So I’m not the only one, that’s great! It just keeps me organized and my readers know what to expect everyday. I was going to do weekly, and then I thought, I’d do daily, because that way I can post more themes in a shorter amount of time since I just began managing this blog. But eventually I think I’ll be going to weekly.


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