Lego Table DIY

A few months ago, I finished organizing my son’s bookcase, and I realized I had so many boxes of legos to organize. My son doesn’t seem to use his legos as much as he used to, but I think that’s more of not being excited enough about them. But I think if he had a lego table that he could build on, something he could see right there out in the open everytime he walked into his room, perhaps they would actually get some use. So after searching for a DIY online for a lego table, I found one on Centsational Girl. It’s a great DIY website founded by Kate, a renovator, decorator, and do-it-yourselfer. She has a lot of great tutorials, a page dedicated to great finds, even a portfolio of her work. Her pieces are tasteful with a modern flair. I do love my vintage pieces, but when I find modern ones like these, I tend to favor those for my home.

Her website is definitely worth a look and a bookmark, just one of my many favorites when it comes to DIY projects. Let me know if you try it, and send pictures of the final result. Ciao lovelies.

Lego table DIY

Photo credits // Centsational Girl


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