DIY Night cream

The projects for today’s theme are mainly coming from A Blossoming Life, as this site has amazing recipes for natural DIY beauty products. I love how these two women focus on the natural aspect of it, and that is why I have chosen their site to feature all these projects. I’m all about natural, I’m the mommy who makes sure her kids eat healthy, don’t indulge in sugar, or any sweets really for that matter, and I try to set an example by eating healthy foods, and using products that are healthy. So where else would I get my featured material, but someplace that appreciates that.

I don’t personally have bags under my eyes, but upon looking at my face, you can tell I do have dark circles, and that can be attributed to my sometimes stress and lack of sleep. I very much dislike looking in the mirror in the morning and have that face staring back at me, and I have tried more products than I’d like to admit. So when I found this DIY, I thought, what harm could it do to try another product? I do like the night treatments too, because your skin has all night to absorb that and utilize the purpose of it, and your skin will thank you for it. It does use multiple ingredients, some which you may not have at home, but are still cost effective. There is also a link which amy provides for the Journal of Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry, that provides more information on aloe vera, which is used in this recipe. So what are you waiting for, get to it ladies, you’ll want to use this tonight, if you’re like me and your battling those dark circles, or even baggy eyelids. Ciao Lovelies.

DIY Natural night cream

Photo credits // A blossoming life


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