DIY Natural Hair Spray

Who here has frizzy, untamable hair? Raise your hands ladies, I won’t judge, I’m the girl who looks like I put my finger in an electrical outlet. No really, if it’s hot, Poof, and if I let it air dry without products, poof. So having a hairspray that can just help me tame the flyaways and keep the frizz to a minimum is key, mixed with a good mousse. I do have a few salon grade hairsprays, but I don’t like how they make my hair feel crisp, or almost oily depending on what brand you use, so this one is a lifesaver. It’s featured from A Blossoming Life, and it only has a few simple ingredients.

The most inviting part of this recipe, is that it uses essential oils and hey, if you wanted to make it smell like a certain fragrance, put a drop of your favorite scented oil in. Some of you who are reading this will know exactly what scent I would pick…Pumpkin. I know, it doesn’t sound appealing, but I love the fragrance of a great pumpkin candle or spray, so why not hairspray? Although, knowing my daughter, and her goofy sense of personality,  she may constantly sniff my hair every time we cuddle. So, in ending, I hope you enjoy this project as much as I will. Ciao Lovelies.

DIY Natural hair spray

Photo credits // A Blossoming Life


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