DIY Natural coffee scrub

Let’s the start the ball rolling, shall we? Today is thursday, DIY natural beauty hacks. I start the day, well, almost finishing the day, with A Blossoming Life’s Natural coffee scrub made right in your own home. Honestly women, why spend all your hard earned money on these outrageously priced beauty items in store, when you can make half of them right from your own cabinets? So I’m bringing to you, the best of the best, everywhere from masks, to scrubs, to lotions (yes, lotions), and anything else you have been wasting your money on. This project comes from A blossoming life, started by Amy and Libby. This site really does have it all, everything from DIY projects, to a section on how to start a blog, gardening, and recipes. I like the fact that it focuses on frugality, because that’s something  that’s important and I am trying to teach my kids (I’m failing miserably).

I’ll tell you a secret, I love love love coffee, but I think you’ll begin to figure that out as I drown you in posts of anything related to coffee projects (if they exist). So this tutorial appealed to me, like a cat tearing through the house when it hears that soft food can open, tripping on everything just to get there. Yep, that’s how excited I was to find this project. Not only is it natural with no added million ingredients that I can’t even pronounce (well I have to give myself more credit, I am educated after all), but it gives our skin exactly what us women are always looking for, a great moisturizer for our faces. I mean, I know my skin on my face is great, it’s always soft, except that one dreaded spot, the T-zone. It’s always flaky and dry for some reason, even when I constantly put lotion on my face, and yes, spring for the most expensive stuff I can find,  usually imported from Japan because, let’s face it, Japanese people have it right. They know how to stay young for longer than us, they have these beauty secrets that keep their skin glowing and taught, and they’re getting it right, so I import my stuff from them. So I hope that you guys enjoy this project as much as I know I’m going to, hey, I get to drink more coffee, go me! Enjoy ladies, ciao lovelies.

Homemade natural coffee scrub

Photo credits // A blossoming life


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