DIY Hand Scrub

Your hands are dry, maybe even cracking from being in the water constantly when you do dishes, or just from hard work. You could use that scrub from bath and body, or make your own in abundance so you won’t have to buy any for quite some time. I know I like to stock up, so why not? This DIY comes from A Blossoming Life, yet again, my now definite favorite for natural beauty recipes.

I like Amy’s choice of ingredients for the essential oils. I’ve never been a fan of lavender too much, but I do like to use a lavender scented cleaner for my kitchen. So Amy, if you ever happen to view my blog, please do a DIY on a lavender cleaner, I’d love to feature it here. But I do like the idea of peppermint, okay mainly because it reminds me of christmas, and I am the epitome of a christmas fanatic. I don’t get crazy decorating outside so the lights blind my neighbors, but I like to create DIY projects for around my house. I do love wrapping too, something I used to do frequently for my grandparents so they wouldn’t have to. But you can use any scent you want, whatever tickles your fancy. That makes 5, so until tomorrow’s theme, which I’m yet to decide on, have fun with the projects I’ve given you today and I really do hope you give them a try. Don’t forget, let me know how you like them, send a message, or a comment. So let’s go make that hand scrub shall we? Ciao Lovelies.

DIY Hand Scrub

Photo credits // A Blossoming Life



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