DIY Face and body lotion

How exciting today is! Another DIY beauty product right from the comforts of home. As I said, I am bearing gifts of homemade lotion for you to make. This can either be used for face, or body, or both. Coming to you from A Blossoming Life, this is one you’re going to love. Not only does it save you money, all that money you spend on lotion, because we all know, we use a lot of lotion. Us ladies cover ourselves from head to toe everyday and it tends to get expensive, at least for me (I like pricey lotions). So for me to invest in one I can make at home, is fantastic, and frugal, I love it!

The lotion recipe includes a few ingredients as the night eye cream, and I really like that fact that it’s thick, almost whipped. It just seems to me using a lotion that is too liquidy is defying the point, because I don’t feel as if my skin really absorbs it, more of I’m just rubbing my skin until it dries, so this is a welcome transition for me. My skin always gets dry in the winter too, but who’s doesn’t? So now that summer is almost here, I’m going to need to step up my game and get my skin looking radiant so I don’t look like a dried out piece of turkey with my flaky skin and ultra white complexion. Ready for your skin to feel like heaven? Then get to it ladies, waste no time. Ciao Lovelies.

DIY Face and body lotion

Photo credits // A blossoming life


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