Vintage suitcase shelves DIY

I’m bringing to you another DIY, this time from a website called Upcycle that founded by Jacques Karsten and Judy Rom. It is truly a site after my own heart, as I love to upcycle everything that can be. The one I am posting today is vintage suitcase shelves, oh my heart, I do love some vintage suitcases…No wait, I love all vintage, but these will look fantastic on your wall. This particular DIY was created by Ki Nassauer, who is the editor-in-chief of Flea Market Style magazine. I have to say her taste is impeccable and this is an exquisite design. I do like how she chose a variant of colors that seem to pop on the wall, but also blend. I myself would very much like to add this design to my living, alas, I have found my next project, pending I can find what I like for vintage suitcases.

In conclusion, please visit upcycle that and take a look because there are so many more fantastic projects to undertake and also a section to buy items as well. Enjoy Lovelies.

Vintage suitcase shelves DIY

Photo credits // Ki Naussauer


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