Kitchen Island DIY

Have you ever taken the time on a weekend to enjoy a few garage sales? I have, and I love my yard sales, because you can find the most amazing stuff. Old, vintage pieces are my favorite, and anyone could tell you that, that has ever been in my home, because I have more than a few vintage pieces I adore. The best part is not just the vintage items, but the Prices. You can pay as little as $5 for an item that once had been a few hundred. This DIY, focuses on exactly that, once being a garage sale item, but turns into a very well made, classy kitchen island. Something I could definitely use and have been pondering for some time now.

Again, we come to you from Upcycle That, a place that is quickly becoming a top favorite of mine. So my lovelies, stop procrastinating, and get to those projects, because Upcycle That has all the tutorials you need. Until next my lovelies, au revoir.

Kitchen Island DIY

Photo credit // Sawdust2stitches


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